A deceptively important day..

Some significant moments are so quiet and understated they can be seen as insignificant. Our case for my US Visa reached the US Embassy in London. The letter arrived today, with no exclamation marks or flashy headings, just a simple letter outlining it was now waiting at the embassy.

When in reality this is the day I have been dreaming of since the first week of April when we sent off our petition application. The wait is now in my hands, as fast as I can gather the mountains of paperwork and official copies and passport pictures of different creeds and varieties, I can get my medical completed in London, which leads to the all important interview being booked (remind me to buy sensible shoes to look like a grown up).

Today for the first time I can see the end in sight, well, the end and the beginning at the same time. Now the most important step…to think of all the people to mention in the obligitory facebook status essay that must happen to inform the near-strangers from school and nights out past of my movements in the world.


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