The longest week…

So it’s a Saturday, however after this week it seems so different.

Going through this process of gaining my visa, I was determined to record each stage as it came, however, thanks to many external influences, it took much longer than anticipated. Whether this was the ludicrous hoops I was forced to jump through in Singapore to get a police certificate, or the 6 week wait for my embassy interview thanks to a presidential election that humanity will be talking about for the next few centuries I am sure, it was long.

However, the end came nigh when on Thursday November 10th I sat in a large room in the US embassy in London, surrounded by what I imagine was a slightly larger security crew than usual, thanks to the previous couple of days. I sat for 3 hours after I had submitted all of the required documentation, significantly less than I was prepared for, waiting for my number I918 to be called for the dreaded interview. However, as I headed back as one of only 4 people left waiting in the embassy, I was stood at a window with a very friendly American woman who asked me 2 simple questions, ‘Where did you guys meet? Oh Singapore? That sounds amazing’. After 3 minutes of conversation, maybe less, I was handed back my documentation with a ‘Thankyou, that’s you done’.

After these 9 months of worrying and waiting, it happened, with no parade or musical interval, I was told I could pick up my documents in 2 weeks and I could be off. Just like that. So my flight is booked and I’m in the process of trying to figure how to haul what little of my belongings I have left with me.

So America, with new president and all, here I come on December 2nd.


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