Quick Updates

So once again my consistency has failed me. Few updates on life at the moment:

  • All green card/employment paperwork was sent off, properly this time with the money, which homeland security are surprisingly very picky about. Should be hearing back about my employment authorisation some time in May, hopefully before, so I can be a regular person with employment and the ability to legally drive.
  • I got a social security number, that counts for at least 3 grown up points.
  • We are buying a house, the process was painful. It consisted of looking at buildings with ‘character’ shall we say, basically falling to the ground. Luckily our realtor Kim is a total bad ass, this barely 5 foot woman is my hero. She would flat out tell us, this house is a wreck, no way. Then one day she saved my soul from looking at any more wrecks and informed us that a family were going to put their house on the market but no one else knew about it yet but it was exactly where we wanted and in our price range. So we went for a viewing and BOOM that was it. I’m in love, it has everything we want and barely any problems, minimal things that we (Allen) can fix easily in some lovely Michigan Summer sunshine. I say this hopefully as spring has not fully sprung here yet, more like came for a day and gave up, however we have had several days in almost double figures, slight shock to the system.
  • Finally, Allen’s favourite news, we’re getting a dog. Of course we are, we always knew we would once we had a house but it seems like Mr S can no longer wait and is already sending me links to shelters we’re going to visit. Bare in mind we don’t move for at least 4 weeks and we still need a little bit of time to organise the house. This fact however seems to have slipped Mr S’s mind and he’s convinced the minute we have the keys we’re driving to a shelter. We’ll see how that works out.

In other news I am currently having a slight break down that while I know I need a job I really have no clue of what I’m going to do. My current list includes: Glastonbury organiser, tambourine/Bez character (Brits will be the only ones to understand this reference) in a band, freelance writer, movie producer, CBGBs venue manager, own a music label or music journalist. So we’ll see how that goes in south west Michigan.




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