Happy Holidays

Tomorrow will make it 3 weeks I have been Stateside, which seems insane. It took no time at all for us to fall into a comfortable routine together. A major concern that was voiced by many was the fact we had never lived together before and now I was risking everything to just up and move to a new place. I’m happy to say that, although we do annoy each other on little things (he is terrible at washing dishes and is so weird about folding clothes a particular way) these things will never be the factors in a divorce case.

Now, with me not being able to work thanks to my visa as well as not being able to get a drivers licence, my days are pretty quiet. However with getting married in 3 and half weeks, there are enough things for me to be sorting out. Especially before both our families arrive and all hell breaks loose.

My event planning degree has helped in the fact I’m not greatly panicking about our wedding, in fact some points have even been fun. Last night we sat in bed and compiled our wedding spotify playlist. While some take this very seriously, ours ended up a 10 hour playlist including lots of 90’s RnB and the pokemon theme song. It’s safe to say that it may need to be edited before the big day. I’ll put it on one of the many to do lists.

So with Christmas upon us, consisting of a weekend of brownie making, new family visiting and cozy blanket days, it’s starting to sink in how far we are from friends and family. Now although this obviously makes me sad, it’s also nice to know that when we see each other in a  few weeks it’ll be even more special.



The First Weekend…


So here I am… Michigan has welcomed me with open arms, as well as snow and Christmas trees. Things are getting set up slowly but surely, although I still have nowhere to put my clothes thanks to Allen’s mountain of old t-shirts. However so far, so good with no hitches. Next up, phones, banks and driving licences to organise, oh the joy.

The longest week…

So it’s a Saturday, however after this week it seems so different.

Going through this process of gaining my visa, I was determined to record each stage as it came, however, thanks to many external influences, it took much longer than anticipated. Whether this was the ludicrous hoops I was forced to jump through in Singapore to get a police certificate, or the 6 week wait for my embassy interview thanks to a presidential election that humanity will be talking about for the next few centuries I am sure, it was long.

However, the end came nigh when on Thursday November 10th I sat in a large room in the US embassy in London, surrounded by what I imagine was a slightly larger security crew than usual, thanks to the previous couple of days. I sat for 3 hours after I had submitted all of the required documentation, significantly less than I was prepared for, waiting for my number I918 to be called for the dreaded interview. However, as I headed back as one of only 4 people left waiting in the embassy, I was stood at a window with a very friendly American woman who asked me 2 simple questions, ‘Where did you guys meet? Oh Singapore? That sounds amazing’. After 3 minutes of conversation, maybe less, I was handed back my documentation with a ‘Thankyou, that’s you done’.

After these 9 months of worrying and waiting, it happened, with no parade or musical interval, I was told I could pick up my documents in 2 weeks and I could be off. Just like that. So my flight is booked and I’m in the process of trying to figure how to haul what little of my belongings I have left with me.

So America, with new president and all, here I come on December 2nd.

A deceptively important day..

Some significant moments are so quiet and understated they can be seen as insignificant. Our case for my US Visa reached the US Embassy in London. The letter arrived today, with no exclamation marks or flashy headings, just a simple letter outlining it was now waiting at the embassy.

When in reality this is the day I have been dreaming of since the first week of April when we sent off our petition application. The wait is now in my hands, as fast as I can gather the mountains of paperwork and official copies and passport pictures of different creeds and varieties, I can get my medical completed in London, which leads to the all important interview being booked (remind me to buy sensible shoes to look like a grown up).

Today for the first time I can see the end in sight, well, the end and the beginning at the same time. Now the most important step…to think of all the people to mention in the obligitory facebook status essay that must happen to inform the near-strangers from school and nights out past of my movements in the world.

A diary for us and those who care…

As stated in the About page, I am hoping that this blog becomes an easy way for everyone in our lives, regardless of what country they’re living in that month, to keep up with us as we start this life together. As well as that, I’ve always wanted to have the self discipline of my mother who has been able to keep a diary everyday since she was a teenager. From this she is able to dazzle people with what the Thomson’s were doing on this day years in the past.

So Special Kay, let’s see how this goes, this should be the beginning of a life of adventures.